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Thermaltake HardCano 5
Author : Shawn Sparks Date : 22nd August 2002

...Product HardCano 5
...Manufacturer Thermaltake
...Supplier Thermaltake
...Price $35




3DVelocity would like to thank Thermaltake, especially Weller for providing this sample for review.

Heat. The PC enthusiasts' nightmare. Those little bits of silicon get pretty warm as we strive for those high 3DMark scores, or frag our way through our favorite games. But just how hot does your GeForce4 get as you push the clocks to their limits? How can you tell?

For some the only sign of an overheated GPU is total lock-up, others can look down at the GPU temperature displayed on the front of their case and decide that their intake fan could be moving a bit more air, throw a switch and watch those temperatures drop like the end of November…

"…But those are the techies who spend hours rigging up temperature sensors and rheostats and stuff. They probably spend hundreds of dollars on gadgets that take hours to wire…I'm just a novice."

Well, my friend Thermaltake has found a way to let the enthusiast step up to "techie" status: Enter the HardCano5, Thermaltake's answer to those novices desiring to monitor temps, control fans, cool their hard drive and fill an empty drive bay. This is a handy tool for today's higher-end rigs that need a bit of babysitting.

The HardCano5 comes in a clear plastic package that shows the unit and hardware in full view.

Inside you'll find the HardCano5, a 3 to 4 pin Molex adapter, a bag of assorted screws and a small amount of double-stick tape for mounting the temperature probe.

After trying to get a decent shot of that package, I'm finally ready to install this thing...

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