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HIPER Type-R HPU-4x480 Power Supply

Power Supply
8th December 2004
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I want to look at the three models in the Type-R range today, though apart from the cosmetic aspects all three are identical internally.

When you first get your hands on a Type-R power supply the first thing to catch your eye is the box, though actually it seems a little insulting to call it a box.

Featuring two locking latches and a carrying handle on top, these boxes almost certainly won't end up in the bin when you take out the power supply. In fact I wonder how many PC enthusiasts will be taking their sandwiches to work or school in as Type-R box in 2005.

The Three Models In The Range


All three boxes are the same but for the label on the front. You've got to hand it to them, graphics card makers have been making their products stand out from the crowd for a while by supplying the cards in aluminium cases and we've had mouses in tins so why not a power supply in a Tupperware lunch box?

The Box


Inside the box it's all packed away snuggly with no room for renagade components to go on a wrecking spree in transit.

Packed neatly


Even the bottom of the box has a foam insert in to keep the PSU from sliding around. This lifts out to maximise sandwich space by the way.



So there you have it. No tacky cardboard for Hiper, they wanted to make a statement of quality and have done just that. Now we're over the box how about we look at what came inside it?

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