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ICY BOX IB-281U External 2.5" HDD Enclosure

ICY BOX External HDD Enclosure
30th June 2005
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The box is class. Black and orange gives off that trendy "I also own an iPOD" kind of look while the clear panel shows off the goods like a window in a red-light district.



All the key selling points are covered, USB2.0, Windows and MAC compatibility and drive format.

Box Front


The back of the box continues the hard sell with some not particularly great product photographs.

Box Rear


In the box you get the ICY BOX itself, a driver CD, a rather brief pamphlet, a USB data cable which also supplies power to the unit, and a rather confusing USB power lead that perhaps shouldn't be in the box at all, especially as there's nowhere I can find to plug it in.

Box Contents


The ICY BOX enclosure itself is impressive. Like some expensive cigarette case or hip flask, it stylishly combines a silky Titanium-like metal alloy and black leather to great effect.

The IB-281U


Nice though the finish on that alloy may be, it's an absolute bitch to keep free of finger prints and would probably have faired better in this respect had it been slightly textured. The reason the flap is up in the air is because the two screws used to secure the rear cover also secure it.

The IB-281U - Rear


Slim, sleek and sexy, the design is really quite eye-catching and would probably provide a whole lot of protection too. If only that raised bead around the three edges was rubber it'd probably be almost bomb-proof! Not to mention less slippery in a sweaty hand.

The IB-281U - Edge




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