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    CoolSonic IceCube HSF

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Wayne Brooker

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June 3rd, 2004.


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As it transpired, the fan is manufactured by ALRO, Taiwan. Other than identifying it as a type 8025, there was no useful information about it on their site, so all we know is what CoolSonic tells us, that it's a ball and sleeve design with a 2500RPM rotational speed and an airflow figure of 50,20 m/h,which is only about 29CFM in old money. Hardly a tornado, though I must say it felt like it was shifting more air than that using the patented "palm-of-the-hand" method.

Fan Type


With the fan removed we can see how the two heatpipes curl around in order to make contact with the copper contact plate in the base. There are small copper fins soldered to the base presumably to dissipate heat until the heatpipes get up to operating temperature then to just help things along afterwards.

Fan Removed


As you can see, the heatpipes run up through the centre of the fin arrays but I wonder if they're not a little too close together to operate optimally..

Card - Memory Sink


I'm also not completely convinced that they're attached to the base plate in the most efficient way possible. They're clearly soldered but don't make contact across the entire plate length. Also, if the underside of the flattened pipes is as undulating as the top surface we're unlikely to have a great deal of contact area.

I wonder if CoolerMaster didn't have a better idea when they used a thicker base and drilled holes in the base into which the heatpipes were inserted and soldered. Just a thought.

Heatpipe-Base Attachment


Heatpipe-Base Attachment


By looking at where the heatpipes emerge from the top aluminium fin you can see how the holes are flared to increase contact between the two. It kind of works but the two are hardly pressed tight together and you can move the fin plates up and down on the pipes without too much effort.

Heatpipes Emerge Through Top Fin Plate


Though it seemed extremely flat, there is no attempt at creating a super-slick mirror-like base finish here. There were no particularly offensive machining marks though and I'd certainly class the surface finish as good.

Base Surface Finish




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