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ICY BOX External HDD Enclosure

ICY BOX External HDD Enclocure
5th July 2004
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As all our software and, it seems, the files they create get ever bigger, it's becoming a real problem carrying large amounts of data from one place to another. CE-Rs are great for small-ish files and DVD-R is great for bigger files but both have a nast tendancy to get scratched or de-silvered if you're forever humping them from one place to another.

Flash drives are cheaper now than they've every been but even so they get pohibitively expensive once you start getting beyond the now fairly standard 128-256MB mark.

I'd never have believed it a few years ago but hard drives are now a really cheap way to get lots of storage space. You don't have to look very hard online to find a 40GB unit brand new for around £30, and if you've upgraded your system recently chances are you have one tucked away in a draw somewhere waiting to be put into service without paying a penny.

While you could conceivable carry a bare drive round with you, opening up the case and plugging it in at every PC you need to copy data to or from, but it's not exactly a convenient way to go about things.

Today I'm looking at a far more efficient way of getting your data to and from just about any IDE hard drive you may have in your posession quickly and easily, The ICY BOX external hard drive enclosure.

There are four vaiations available with USB2.0, IEEE1394 and SATA connectivity depending on the model.

Model Options :
IB-350U: IDE HDD to USB 2.0

IB-350U-BL: IDE HDD to USB 2.0 with Blue Light
IB-350UE-BL: IDE HDD to USB 2.0 & IEEE1394 with Blue Light
IB-350US: IDE HDD to USB 2.0& SATA


The model I have to play with is the IB-350U-BL, a USB2.0 enclosure capable of handling just about any 3.5" hard drive and boasting flashing blue LED driven light effects, and we all know blue lights ae good right?

Let's take a look:

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