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Iiyama ProLite E435S 17" Monitor

LCD Monitor
2nd March 2005
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A Closer Look:::...

Outwardly there's nothing too spectacular about the E435S. The screen surround is about 3/4" wide along the top and around 5/8" on the two sides.

The final "S" in the full part number of E435S-S denotes the silver colour and there's also an E435S-B (Black) and an E435S-W (White).

The thin frame design may be very common now but I've seen older displays split diagaonally across the corners after the stress of repeated heating and cooling cycles as they're switched on and off. The E435S has a rib running around the inside edge of the screen aperture that may be there to reinforce the edges and in particular the stress-prone corner sections.

Front View

Two small circular grills situated to the bottom left and bottom right of the bezel conceal the 2.5watt stereo speakers.

Front View

Rather than hide the control switches under the bottom of the bezel out of site, iiyama have placed them along the front in full view. You may or may not prefer them in view like this, personally I have no problem either way so long as they're clearly labelled.

All operations are controlled using just five buttons while a sixth button powers the unit on and off.

Main Buttons


The back is equally unspectacular. There's a 100mm VESA mounting for attaching to wall brackets and the like and there's the swivel mounting for the stand. There are also various input connectors and two rows of cooling vents.

Rear View

There are no loops, hooks or other restraining mechanisms for holding and routing the cables, which must simply hang somewhat untidily from the rear.

Rear View


At it's widest point we're looking at just 2 1/4" deep, a touch more where the stand pivots. What I found particularly incredible was the weight, just shy of eight pounds makes this one very lightweight display, even by 17" LCD standards.

Part of this is no doubt due to the use of an external mid-cable power transformer, an annoying feature until it fails and you realise how much the repair would have cost were it built into the monitor.

Side View


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