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Inno3D GeForce 6600

Graphics Card
27th October 2004
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The Geforce 6600 is the first chip NVIDIA released for use with PCI-Express.
It was dubbed to be the ultimate Doom 3 card out there, blowing competition out of the water.
The PCI-Express motherboards are just now popping up here and there, most of them having an Intel chipset.
Maybe that's why not too many people have one just yet.

This Geforce 6600 is one from a big line of many Geforce chips.
NVIDIA always had some outstanding chips in the past, except for a minor set back with the Geforce FX series.
This 6 Series seems to get rid of that minor set back, aiming for the crown again.

Let's look at its features:

The Geforce 6600 has a NV43 core, which is based on the NV40 that makes up the Geforce 6800. Memory bus interface has been halved from 256-bit to 128-bit. Also this card has simple and cheap DDR memory, instead of expensive GDDR3 that comes with the Geforce 6600 GT. The Pixel pipelines have been brought done from 12 or 16 to 8 pipelines and the core speed is 300 MHz, thatís 200 MHz lower then the GT version.


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