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Jackson Armor Card

Data Protection Hardware
23rd October 2005
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Jackson Armor LLC
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During my relatively short working life I’ve worked in for three IT departments, two within educational establishments, and one local government.

As I’m sure anyone with similar experience would agree, far too much time is spent correcting the mistakes of users who weren’t trained, were incompetent, or (in the case of educational establishments especially) were malicious.

Now a company going by the name of Jackson Backup thinks they’ve found the solution in a product they’re calling the Jackson Armor Card.

So what does it do? Well in their words:


The Jackson Armor Card offers remarkable improvements in speed, reliability and protection for computer operating systems and program setting. No matter how your System/Data is destroyed; either by virus attacks, deletion, formatting, overwrites, fdisk, modification or improper shutdowns, by simply rebooting your system it will recover instantly. No other additional system/data recovery operations are required


And of course no introduction is complete without a table or two!


Features and Benefits

1.)           Windows operating style interface. Display with an 800 x 600 color boot picture

2.)          Plug-n-Play, quick and easy installation with a default configuration.

3.)          Guards your computer 100% of the time.

4.)          Various recovery modes and intervals. You can select manual or automatic recovery

5.)          CMOS protection

6.)          Works with Linux, LILO, and multiple boot operating systems.

7.)          Super network clone technology, with wake on LAN

8.)          Novice or expert user can enjoy the features

9.)          Compatible with the newest hardware, motherboards and operating systems.

10.)      Excellent system efficiency, The Jackson Armor Card uses less 3.5% of the disk space

11.)      Protects from formatting, including f-disk.

12.)      Does not rely on software to function and therefore is not vulnerable to system damage.

13.)      Holds no data on card.

14.)      Supports all file systems(FAT16, FAT32, NTFS)

15.)      Does not increase boot-up time.

16.)      No loss of system performance

17.)      Armor card settings are password protected.


System Requirements

Computer: 386 or above IBM compatible

Monitor: SVGA

Slot: a free PCI expansion slot

Hard Disk: 2GB or above

Memory: 8MB or above

Video Card: 2MB or above


Option 7 in the features list refers to the Network Armor Card which is also available. In a network you would require one of the Network Armor Cards, and then a standard Armor Card in the remaining stations.

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