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Jetart JACSD1 VGA Cooler Kit

VGA Cooler
30th September 2004
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The Kit :::...

The Kit


The kit comes with just about all you'll need. There's the cooler, a 4-pin Molex adapter with a loop-thru so you don't loose use of it, four spring loaded push-fit retaining pins, a generous syringe of silicone based thermal grease and four RAM sinks with double sided adhesive squares of thermal tape to secure them. Why only four? Beats me!

The Kit- Opened


Jetart could easily have left the cooler round and used a boring, opaque top cover but with a little design flair it becomes transformed into a thing of beauty, well, relatively speaking of course.

The VGA Cooler

Yeah, I know I've used these flowers before for this kind of thing but in the UK climate and at the altitude I live at, anything that makes it through the mud will get all the exposure I can give it :) What it does do though is show how amazing that base finish is, and I'm more than a little suspicious that the copper has been plated with some other metal to achieve that. If not then full kudos to Jetart for a genuinely amazing polishing job.

The Base Finish


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