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Jetart JAP416A CPU Cooler

CPU Cooler
11th October 2004
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With so many heatpipe-laden, skived copper, jet-cooled monster coolers on the market, I was having a hard time whipping up any enthusiasm over today's review candidate. To me it was just another, rather plain aluminium heat sink in a sea of similar, rather plain aluminium heat sinks.

No pressed copper slug in the base, no rainbow flashing LED fan, no super-duper mega-converter to let me slap a 120mm fan on top, no cowls, no Heatlane Technology, no skived fins, no folded fins, no helicoid pins, so what's to get excited about?

Well, in actual fact there's not a whole lot at all to get excited about, this is just a simply designed and well made aluminium heat sink and fan designed to cool up a a 3.4GHz Prescott CPU but without the weight, cost and bling that's become so common. Sure copper is nice, and so are illuminated fans if you can even see inside your case, but sometimes all we need is a simple efficient product that we can fit and forget. The question is, does the JAP416A fit that description?

The specs:

CPU cooler recommended for:
  • Up to Intel Prescott 3.4 GHz
  • Features
  • Unique X-Shape CNC fin design
  • Radiative airflow
  • Triple-Buckle clip design to enhance stability
  • Patented clip, no tool required
  • Specifications
     Cooler Dimensions  90 x 70 x 69 mm
     Heatsink Dimensions

     90 x 70 x 44 mm

     Fan Dimensions

     70 x 70 x 25 mm

     Heatsink Material


     Bearing Type  Ball Bearing
     Weight  445 gm

      Thermal Grease : 1.5 gm x 1 pc
      Screws : M3 x 32 mm x 4 pcs


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