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Kingston HyperX DDR400

Kingston HyperX DDR400 Memory
7th July 2004
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$433 - £244.18


First I would like to thnak Kingston, especially Heather, for making this review possible...

I have to admit, a year ago I would have laughed if someone bragged about having Kingston RAM in their machine. Because a year ago, they would have been best known for their line of ValueRAM, which can be obtained at a competitive price point at major chain computer and electronics stores worldwide. Not too impressive in the title, or retail positioning as far as the enthusiast market goes. I had always looked elsewhere for quality memory… Samsung and Hynix being my chips of choice, and Geil, OCZ and Corsair being the familiar enthusiast brands, yes, I am a RAM snob shopping either online or at my local independent PC shop to get hold of higher quality, yet somewhat “exclusive” brands. That is, until now. Now it seems that you can find stable, high speed RAM at the big chains, from a major manufacturer. Kingston has introduced high end RAM in the form of “HyperX” and from where I sit, I can see a new contender in the performance RAM circle.

One thing I have to mention is that Heather at Kingston is one of the easiest PR reps to deal with. I filled out an online form on a Monday evening, and after a few friendly emails, FedEx was knocking at my door Wednesday morning delivering a 1 GB kit of their new PC4000. I wish they were all as prompt, congenial and helpful as her!

So, what exactly did FedEx have in the little white box? Here it is…

Modules Boxed

Yep, two sticks of RAM.. with classy blue heat spreaders. This is PC4000 which translates to 500MHz DDR. Fast. Period.



Here is a shot with the sticks out of the packaging. I can’t wait to install them; but first I have to re-bench the XtremeDDR that currently populate the slots. Of course, we geeks love to bench and re-bench our systems, so it’s more like a treat than a chore. (*I was concerned with the "Evaluation" sticker since I didn't want a "cherry picked" sample that performs outstandingly, so I asked Heather what it was all about and she assured me that it was for inventory, and RMA purposes only and that all of their review samples come from the assembly lines)

Let's see what the manufacturer has to say about their product...

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