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Abit's KX7333-R (VIA KT333 CE)
Author : Martyn Date : 19th June 2002

3DVelocity wish to thank ABIT and especially Lester for providing this motherboard for our review.

...Product Abit's KX7333 R
...Manufacturer ABIT
...Supplier ABIT
...Price £100 Approx'




Part One: Introduction

Abit have received great reports from every possible review medium, their innovation and quality is well known throughout the industry. But the important factor here is that unlike some whom have released an exceptional product, they certainly don' t rest upon their laurels, Abit are constantly producing better and better designs for all their exceptional products. This innovation was showcased best by the release of their recent 'MAX' series, a design which threw the standard mainboard design away and embraced future technologies like Firewire and USB. These boards, namely the AMD based AT7 and the Intel based IT7, have been accepted as a truly great boards by many yet there are those who prefer to hold the onslaught of technology for just a little longer. Perhaps you have an excellent printer that still requires a parallel port but still wish to use the latest chipset from VIA, Abit even have a solution for that: the legacy friendly KX7333-R. Don't throw those ps2 keyboards and mice away just yet... this could be one board you really should own!

Part Two: Back To The Future?

The KX7333 sports VIA's newest AMD chipset, the KT333. Not only that but the stepping is the 'CE' version of the chip, widely regarded by many as the 'A' version of this generation.

We therefore have a motherboard built around a new chipset while retaining other traditional features. Other manufactures haven't strayed from the traditional layout as yet so Abit's innovation is once more clear to see. This board seems based upon older designs but in truth had Abit held back on the release of the MAX range our mindset would be very different, this board would be familiar and usual, alas since Abit's push toward the future, it's seems outdated. Maybe that's just because I threw out the PS2 keyboard recently...


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