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SilverStone LC06 Mini-ITX Case

16th November 2004
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The march has been a slow one by PC standards, but slowly we're seeing the PC making its way into our living rooms.

There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the idea of the PC as a domestic entertainment device. It has all the necessary power and flexibility to do justice your DVD's, to pipe high quality music around your house or to keep pace with some dedicated games consoles. What it has tended to lack though are an effective control system, a less layered operating system and a selection of attractive enclosures.

I still don't believe we have a suitable operating system for general mouse-free home use, nor really do we have an intuitive way to control the variety of software needed to make it all work, but what we do now have are attractive, quality cases to hold it all together.

The LC06 I'm looking at today comes from SilverStone, a company with a rapidly expanding reputation for innovative and quality products that push the boundaries for cost and quality. They have some genuinely unique designs in their case lineup, but as we've so often seen, designing a good small factor case isn't as simple as just shrinking an existing design. There are a whole host of technical and design considerations to be made first.

Before we take a closer look, here's the specs.


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