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SilverStone LC10M HTPC Case + Remote + Software

5th July 2005
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A Closer Look:::...

I won't waste time and bandwidth with a box shot because...well...because I forgot to take one. There! I said it! Are you happy now?

Out of the mythical box it becomes immediately apparent that this is no shrinking violet of a case, this is your loud and proud variety that's just begging to get to work as a full-on HTPC system and combined gaming powerhouse.

The overall surface finish is very attractive with a brushed and hard anodised surface that screams class. If I'm going to be picky my only real moan would be that the SilverStone logo is screen printed on when a raised chrome-like logo would have looked so much better.

Front View


It's big but there's no denying it's slick. The lack of any top-mounted vents plus the solid construction means you can pile your other components on top if you want to.

Front View


The single wraparound cover features what SilverStone call "strategically placed vents" on both sides.

Side View

On the side of the thick front fascia are the cleverly concealed Firewire and audio mic and speaker (headphone) connectors. This is great in theory, but has one problem so far as I'm concerned, which is that if you sit the unit in a cabinet, they immediately become useless, unless it's an unusually wide cabinet at least.

The side and lower edges of the fascia also feature elongated slots cut into them which serve as air intake vents for the front mounted fan.



From the rear it becomes apparent that this case accepts a full sized power supply and, with a full seven expansion slots available.

Dual 60mm fans bring slight concerns about fan noise but short of using a crossflow blower there's not really room for any other size of fan at the back.

Both fan grills are very open and should facilitate maximum airflow as well as reducing noise.

Rear View



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