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          Maxtop Case model # CSX-7788KEB-Win

Product :


Manufacturer :

 Maxtop Technology Corporation

Reviewed by :

 Shawn Sparks

Price :


Date :

  May 7th, 2003


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3D Velocity would like to thank Maxtop, especially Adam for providing this sample for review.


The days when you had to get out the Dremel and cut, drill, fit and fiddle to have a modified case are a thing of the past. With everybody jumping on the pre-modded case bandwagon, there are as many options and configurations as you could imagine. From basic window kits to custom lighting all the way to thermal monitors and fan controllers, if you can dream it, you no longer have to do it yourself. With so many manufacturers out there, the determining factors seem to be options, quality and price. We all know of the main big guys, namely Lian-Li, Thermaltake and Enermax when it comes to shopping for a pre-modified case, but they all fall into the higher price ranges. I have also had dealings with some of the "budget" cases out there that look pretty slick, but hands-on, they fall a bit short offering poor quality and sharp edges. So when Maxtop contacted me about reviewing their product line, I was a bit skeptical. I realized that I was out of Band-aids from reviewing a prior pre-modded case, and wasn't sure if I would have to make a trip to the store for more before UPS dropped this latest sample at my door. I was pleasantly surprised.

Some of my skepticism came from the fact that I had never heard of Maxtop before. And I was a bit wary when I visited their website and none of the product pages would load correctly (if at all). But the rep I was working with was very accommodating and we discussed which models would best represent Maxtop, and he assured me that the website was only experiencing temporary technical difficulty (which seems to be cleared up). We decided on shipping out the CSX-7788KEB-Win, which is a slick looking black case with 7 color rotational bubble lights on the front bezel, front USB ports and an installed window kit as well as an included 350W PSU.

The case came double boxed with sufficient Styrofoam framework to avoid any serious mishaps along the way. After opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised. The case is very solidly built and has a smooth black finish. The face has a brushed aluminum finish beneath a layer of plexi. The plexi-glass is not just clear, it has a bluish tint, so that when light hits it just right, the edges glow an electric blue. This particular model sports a side window with an 80mm fan and a 92mm blowhole on the top for good ventilation if you plan on building a hotrod inside. Thankfully both fans are included so you don't have to have any on hand or run out and buy them. The bubble lights in the front are clear acrylic rods with bubbles "floating" inside. There are LEDs on either end of the rod which cycle through 7 different colors. I thought they would be super cheesy, but after the whole thing is set up, they are actually pretty cool.

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