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           MSI Mega Stick 1

Product :

 Flash Drive/FM Radio/MP3/Voice

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

Wayne Brooker

Price :

£59.95 + Vat @ Scan

Date :

February 14th, 2003.


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There have been lots of defining moments in the short but hectic development of the PC and though many a great idea has fizzled and died alongside a million not so great ideas, one or two have become deeply ingrained in our lives and an integral part of what makes the PC so versatile.

One of the big buzzwords of the past 12 months has been "convergence", the bundling of useful features into single devices or software suites so that they become quickly and easily accessible and able to intereact with each other if needed.

The device I'm looking at today takes several of those great PC ideas and packs them into an infeasibly small package at a price that pretty much sets new standards for this level of covergence, The MSI Mega Stick 1.

First the specs:


  Dimensions (WxDxH) 95.7 (W) x 31(D) x 18.9(H) mm

  Weight 29g without battery , 40g with battery

  Operating Temperature 0 ~ 45˚C

  Storage Temperature -20 ~ +70˚C

  Audio Spec Output: 60mW rms ( 30mW / channel) Frequency: 20 to 20KHz
SNR: >90dB

  LCD module Dimension: 29.5 x 11mm (96 x 25 pixels)

  Memory Size 128 MB
  I/O Input 1. Stereo Audio- out, 3.5mm
2. Mono MIC - in, 3.5mm
3. USB connector
  EMI and Safety BSMI, FCC, CB, CE, VCCI
  Interface Language Traditional / Simplified Chinese, English
  Earphone with neck strap Stereo Output: 20mW rms (10mW / Channel)
  Battery AAA-Alkaline Battery
  Manual English, Traditional Chinese
  USB Extension Cable Length: 100 cm
  Major Function MP3 / WMA play back
FM Radio / Recording
Voice Recording
Section repeat playback
 Function Key

Power On/Off/Play(Station memory)/Pause
FM Radio / A -> B Repeat

Forward(Tuner up) / Backward(Tuner down) / Menu
Volume up / Volume down
Hold (Lock)


With dimensions only slightly larger than your typical highlighter pen, the Mega Stick 1 packs a mean punch. If it were nothing more than an MP3 player it would be one of the most compact players around, but considering it also crams in a high quality voice recorder, an FM radio with programable memory presets and the ability to operate as a regular 128MB Flash Drive and this thing is very much the proverbial "Jack of all trades". But is it "master of none"? Let's take a closer look.



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