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Mercury HT 6200W 5.1 Speaker System

5.1 Speaker System
21st October 2004
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Take the cleanest, purest, most harmonic sound, then feed it through crappy speakers. What do you get? Crappy sound!

With modern PCs and even relatively cheap DVD players, the potential to fill your house with the clearest of highs, the richest of mids and throatiest of lows is huge. So what's stopping us? Well in most cases what's stopping us is a pair of rather pathetic little speakers on the desk that came bundled with the PC. They probably claim to be able to output a smirk-inducing 500watts or something equally ridiculous, but realistically produce something that doesn't even make it to double figures. Then to add insult to injury, the limited sound they do manage to create sound simply awful.

If you've read any of the speaker reviews on the 'Net you've no doubt realised that good speakers cost good prices. The old adage that you get what you pay for is particularly true when it comes to PC speakers, while those designed to turn your living room into a mini home cinema often carry ludicrous price tags.

So what can you do? You're fed up with lifeless, tinny sound but you really don't want to lay down in excess of £150 for the privilege of something that only seems to matter to you when you've got a film, MP3 or music CD on.

Well, there is a range of cheap but reasonable speakers on the market. The problem is that there's also a range of cheap but God-awful speakers on the market too. The secret is to pick from the right group.

The speakers I have on the table today come from a company many of you will have heard of. Mercury are fairly widely known for their no-fuss, low price products. Established way, way back in 1978, parent company Kobian have stuck to their objectives for reasonably priced products that place as much emphasis on price as they do on quality. In a world where not everyone want, or can afford the best around, it's companies like Mercury who try to cater to the budget restricted without forcing them to miss out completely on what those with a little more cash are enjoying.

At under £40 the word is "cheap", but does cheap mean trash? Let's see.

First the specs.

- Real 5:1 Channel, compatible with AC-S, DTS & THX
- Magnetically Shielded Speaker
- 6200 W PMPO Sub-Woofer System
- Stereo Audio through Six-Channel Speakers
- 8W RMS Per Channel - Satellite
- 50W RMS Wooden Sub Woofer


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