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Mercury HT5800R 5.1 Home Theater Speakers

13th December 2004
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If you've never had the pleasure of watching your favourite movie with help from a well configured 5.1 speaker setup then there's a chance you've never experienced it the way it was created to be experienced.

You may have the greatest screen that money can buy, but weak, empty audio will ultimately destroy the immersive experience that full, rich realistic sound can deliver. The home theater experience relies on the powerful combination of sound and vision, and one without the other is certain to taint what could be a wonderful experience.

Today I want to take a look at another 5.1 speaker system from Mercury. The HT5800R speaker system is a relatively powerful 5.1 setup complete with dual-driver satellites, a wooden cabinet subwoofer, remote control and a reported 175watt output.

Unlike the previous speakers we looked at from Mercury, this more fully-featured kit comes with a slightly higher, though still extremely reasonable price tag of around £52.00 including VAT, but can you really live the home theater experience on the cheap?

First the specs.

Key Features

- Real 5:1 Channel Surround Sound with AC-S, DTS & THX
- 5800W PMPO Sub-Woofer System
- 25 W RMS Per Channel-Satellite
- 50 W RMS Wooden Sub-Woofer
- Magnetically Shielded Speaker
- CE Approved
- With IR Remote Controller

Full Specifications

Color Option

- Black or Silver


Here we go again. "5800W PMPO Sub-Woofer System "! Get real! I'm pleading with Mercury to drop that "PMPO" marketing garbage and just stick with the real ratings. It does them, and their reputation as a reputable peripheral manufacturer no favours at all.

I've no intentions of trying it but I'd lay odds that if I piped 5800 watts through this, or indeed any domestic amp, it'd light up like a Christmas tree.

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