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Mercury HT5800R 5.1 Home Theater Speakers

13th December 2004
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The Box:::...

The box is relatively large and surprisingly heavy. All the main specs are on display though, and I can't quite put my fimger on why, the overall design does look a touch dated.

The Box


Outside of the box it all looks hopeful. A decent sized, front ported sub is complimented by five dual-driver satellite speakers with a reassuringly good weight to them.

What You Get


Mercury sent me a two sets of these speakers, both of which they have kindly requested we give away in January, and while this is good news for you it meant I really wasn't at liberty to go taking them apart to poke and prod around inside in case I damaged them.

As you can see below, the satellites are created in two sections which pivot in the middle. This gives greater flexibility over placement and makes them less directional.

Satellite Speakers


The rear of the satellites features regular guillotine connectors for attaching the speaker wire and a threaded bush for mounting them on the supplied wall brackets if you so desire.

Satellite Speaker - Rear


Despite the plastic construction they are nicely styled and don't look too much like they cost as little as they do. Rubber pads on the underside stop them sliding around and isolate vibration.

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