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Raytek MT4 Noncontact Infrared Thermometer

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  Wayne Brooker

Price :

 Approx £80 GBP

Date :

  21st April 2004.


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Few things on this tiny planet of ours are both as loved and hated as heat. It can kill and it can nurture, it can make us comfortable or leave us distressed, it can start fires that destroy forests and it can trigger the flowers that break cover every spring.

For computer users heat can be anything from a minor byproduct to a brick wall that halts our overclocking plans dead, and how you deal with it can vary just as much, with the more timid of us reaching for maybe a couple of 12v case fans or a water cooling system while the mavericks strap on their spurs and go in search of a little liquid Nitrogen and some good gloves.

To some extent, we tend to know which components in a PC are likely to be hindered by the demon heat, but with new chipsets or new cooling systems come new challenges. Before we can cool the components in our PC that are spoiling the party, first we have to identify them, and that means monitoring the temperatures accurately as we turn up the pressure.

Modern motherboards do a fairly good job of relaying CPU temperatures to us, but what if you suspect your hard drive, MOSFET, memory or North Bridge are getting too toasty for comfort? Well, you could hold a flat temperature probe against them and hope you get an accurate reading without getting burnt in the process, or you could opt for an altogether quicker and safer method.....a non-contact IR thermometer!

On test today I have the MT4 from Raytek, one of the biggest industrial temperature measurement instruments companies in the world.

Company Facts (From Their Site)
Founded in 1963, Raytek designs, manufactures, markets and services a complete line of infrared, noncontact temperature measurement instruments for industrial, process control and maintenance applications. With Worldwide Headquarters in Santa Cruz, California, USA, European Headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and South American Headquarters in Sorocaba, Brazil, Raytek has also established strategic business units in the United Kingdom, Japan, China, and France, as well as distributors in over 60 countries around the world.


  • Temperature Range: -18 to 275C
  • D:S (Distance to Spot Size): 6:1
  • Response time: 500 mSec, 95% response
  • Emissivity: Pre-set at 0.95
  • Accuracy: 2%, or 2C whichever is greater
  • Laser sighting

With a street price around the £80 mark, I've seen these thermometers used for just about everything from monitoring vivarium temperatures to tracking paranormal activity. But do they work? How good are they and should you own one?





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