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Toshiba MK1032GAX 5400RPM 100GB 2.5" HDD

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10th May 2005
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If you've taken even a passing interest in notebook prices over the past 12 months or so you can't help but have noticed the plummeting prices. This isn't happening because manufacturers are stripping out features, in fact quite the opposite is true with even budget units offering CD Writer/DVD-ROM combo drives and 30GB plus hard drives. It's in fact a rather pleasant side effect to advances in miniaturization and maturing manufacturing techniques which relegates last year's "bleeding edge" technology this year's "nothing special".

Of course, as prices have fallen and capabilities have climbed, so more and more people, who would in the past have spurned the notebook for its limited usefulness, are suddenly seeing all kinds of possibilities opening up to them. And as more people buy, so prices fall, and we all like falling prices.

Not too long ago I was lucky enough to get hold of one of Toshiba's 100GB MK1031GAS hard drives to test, and was genuinely impressed with its very impressive performance which was no doubt helped by its industry-leading areal density of 80 gigabits per square inch.

Today I have the MK1032GAX for review. While this shares the same 100GB capacity and impressively low power requirements, it adds a further 8MB to the MK1031GAS's already generous 8MB buffer making it a monstrously large 16MB in size, and they've also cranked up the rotational speed from 4200rpm to 5400rpm!

Much of the information for this hard drive was covered in my review of the MK1031GAS, but rather than send you over there to read it I've zapped it over here, that way you can just skip the bits you've already read.

In other respects the two drives are very similar. As usual, the specs:

Data Storage Capacity: Per Drive, Formatted 100.030 GB
Number of Platters 2
Number of Heads 4
Bytes/Sector 512
Seek Time
Track-to-Track 2 ms
Average 12 ms
Maximum 22 ms
Rotational Speed

5,400 rpm

Interface Type ATAPI/IDE
Transfer Rate UDMA 100
Buffer memory 16,384 KB
Nominal Power Requirements
Voltage Supply 5 V
Sleep (Watts) 0.1 W
Standby (Watts) 0.18 W
Read (Watts) 2.0 W
Write (Watts) 2.0 W
Seeking (Watts) 2.4 W
Dimensions :
Height 9.5 mm
Width 69.85 mm
Depth 100 mm
Weight 102 g
Physical & Environmental Specifications
Temperature Operating From 5 to 55°C
Temperature Non-Op. From –20 to 60°C
Vibration-Operating 1G 1G with 5-500Hz
Vibration Non-operating 5G, with 15-500 Hz
Shock-operation 325 G
Shock-Non operation 850 G
Accoustic Noise (seek) 25dB
Altitude/operation 300 to 3000 m
Reliability Characteristics
MTBF 300,000 Hours
Product life 5 years or
20,000 power on hours
Error Rates
Unrecoverable 1 error per 1013 bits read
Seek 1 error per 106 seeks
Applications: Notebook systems
External storage


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