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Medal of Honor Pacific Assault

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29th November 2004
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EA Games has just released the latest installment in their Medal of Honor series and itís called Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault.

This game was already released on the Play station 2 last year and now at last it makes its debut on the PC.

Itís not an expansion pack, which makes it the first full Medal of Honor game since Medal of Honor: Allied Assault was released this time last year.

With this series, EA Games has created a game thatís not only entertaining but also informative as well. This edition especially has a lot of extra information about that time in history.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, or MOH:PA, takes place in the pacific at the start of World War II. Pearl Harbor is being bombed by kamikaze Japanese enemies and you as marine private Tommy Collins are in the middle of it.

Youíve just finished your training and get stationed at Pearl Harbor, receiving a nice tour, when several Japanese planes fly over the island. Next thing you know, the harbor is bombed and everyone is on full alert.

The war with the Japanese is on and it takes you to the pacific to battle it out.

The game starts in an amphibious vehicle, racing towards the coast. Last instructions are given by the officer in charge.

You take aim behind the gunning station, a ring side seat to the action.

Before you know what to aim for, the vehicle is hit and capsizes and you have to walk to the beach through the water.

Mortar and gun fire is all over the place, people are screaming, some are dying, and chaos is all around.

When you make it to the beach, you have to ward off the enemy while they charge at you with bayonets ready.

A mortar round hits close by and you fall to the ground, wondering how you got involved in this mess anyway.

A flashback takes you back to the training grounds, where your drill instructor drills you endlessly. He takes you through your first paces, an obstacle course, weapons training, heavy weapons training and medical assistance.

This right away shows off a new feature, which is the medical assistance.

If you get mortally wounded inside the game you can call out for a medic and, if one is close by, he can help you recover.

The training is a basic walkthrough or run down of the available keys and how you can achieve certain actions.

When you first find yourself in the heat of the battle, when the game starts, it can be very daunting and chaotic, not knowing where to go or what to do. After the training you at least get a basic sense of the possibilities and options and now you are ready to take your position in the battle.

The game is very cinematic and uses a lot of in game animation and cut-scenes to suck you right into the story.

That also goes for the tour on Pearl Harbor after your training; you get a scenic tour when all of a sudden the Japanese planes fly over and all hell breaks loose. It all plays out to let your senses lead the way.


EA Los Angeles is the developer of this game and they have worked closely together with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society or CMOHS, in short, to make sure the game represents the ideals and integrity of the prestigious Medal of Honor and to guarantee the authenticity of the game.

The team also worked with Captain Dale Dye for advice, to make sure the game is as authentic as it can be.

Captain Dye is one of the most respected military technical advisors in Hollywood and has worked on projects like Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, and Band of Brothers and has also worked on the other titles in Medal of Honor series.

Soldiers, weapons, uniforms and more were all replicated and used in the game.

All this to make sure the game puts you right in the middle of the action and recreates the atmosphere of that era.

Accompanied by informational cut scenes and in-game cinematics, this game is not only entertaining but also provide background information that give you a real perspective on where you are in history.

EA Games really went all out with this release to create more awareness, but also to really make you relive that past time.


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