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Medal of Honor Pacific Assault

Games Software
29th November 2004
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The game-play is like most 3D-shooters with mouse and keyboard, although this can be configured to suit your preferences.

I was surprised to find the second mouse button doesnít activate the zoom function on the weapon you are using but it controls the action of slamming the butt of your gun into the enemy. Of course that can be changed as well but I left this at default.

A new feature introduced in this MOH series is the Combat Squat controls. This allows you shout your orders at your squad in the heat of battle or use quiet hand signals to stay quiet and out of enemy hands (and ears) with just four buttons.

The command are simple, you have move forward, pull back, give cover fire and gather up.

You can play 25 levels in single player mode or online multiplayer modes.

These levels are scripted and that means your missions move along a steady predetermined path.

That makes the game linear and very straightforward.

Itís divided into sections that load each time you reach them.

This is usually also where the games tend to auto-save, you can however choose to save your game at any moment you wish to.

In single player mode you fight alone or in a squad against the Japanese enemy. The team members in your squad will develop more of a personality and will fight more efficiently alongside you as they gain more experience throughout the game.

Meanwhile, the reinforcements arrive and these new recruits want to get their share of combat experience to become just as good as the veterans in the team.

Multiplayer games offer several modes featuring man to man combat in Free for all, team playing in Team Death match or Invasion which focuses on classes and goals.

For the in-game physics EA used the Havok engine. This engine is used in a lot of games, the most recent being Half Life 2.

Itís a very good physics engine and in this game itís used to make things look more natural when they fall down, break or explode.

You can carry only 2 guns at a time with some grenades as well as some additional small items. This forces you to strategically choose which weapons you keep with you or swap as you find other weapons or run out of ammo.

I mentioned it earlier, if you get wounded in the game, you can call out for a medic who can revive you.

You can still get med packs if you find them, but the medic is usually around and he heals the other squad members too.

Even when you're at death's door you can still cry out for a medic and hopefully one is close enough by to help you, otherwise, to put it bluntly, you die.

The Artificial Intelligence or AI in the game is reasonably ok.

Enemy soldiers sometimes try and flush you out with grenades, but do have a tendency to stand around in the open waiting to be shot.

Also, they keep charging at you with their bayonet when you get close and donít stop until they have killed you.

I noticed a real nice detail when I fired a gun for a prolonged period.

The machine gun, as it rattles, sends the vibrations back through your body and you get to see a sort of blurred vision when this happens.

That means you have to be strategic and give short bursts of fire in order to see straight.

When you use the binoculars the same effect is seen, only this time itís like your eyes to adjust to the distance or you're using the focus wheel.


The game engine is still based on ID Technology's Quake 3 engine. It features highly detailed textures and shader support for shaders v1 and v2.0.

Although this sounds pretty dated, the graphics are still pleasing to see and not noticeably outdated.

The character models are very detailed and the faces are nicely shaded to fit the lighting in and around the game.

Character models look a bit rigid and the motion of the characters is a little stiff which detracts slightly from the realism, but other elements of the game work well enough to take your attaention away from such things..


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