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Matrix Orbital MX6 Series PLED USB Display

Multifunction Display
16thMay 2005
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$109.95 USD (Quoted On Site)


A Closer Look:::...

I like the new box sleeve. Well, it may not be new, it may just be that the last unit they sent me had it removed, but either way this looks a lot better than a plain box even if the colours are a bit muted.

The Box


Not everything you see below is included in the standard kit. The internal USB cable, temperature sensors, three-LED indicator board and associated ribbon cable are all optional extras.



Just as was the case with the MX2 12, the overall look is clean, simple and very slick, not surprising as it uses the exact same PC bay insert. If I was being picky I'd say it would be nice if the D-Pad and function buttons had were illuminated but there's usually enough light spills out to see what you're doing anyway. Remember that black isn't the only colour option, you can also get it in beige, and while there's also a brushed aluminium version, it doesn't come with the seven external buttons at the moment. The fourth display in the lineup is also black, and like the brushed aluminium version comes without the external keypad.

The Display


Each of the seven external buttons use membrane type switches and thus are slightly domed.

The Display D-Pad

The idea of a membrane switch is that the dome contains, or applies pressure to, some kind of counductive pad, layer or coating which is then pushed into contact with a pair of contacts making a circuit. Membrane switches are what's known as momentary switches which means as soon as you let go they break the contact they'd made.

Membrane Switch


Here are the two main fundction buttons and the "Enter" button. If the surface of the display looks a little ropey here it's because I hadn't yet removed the protective plastic film.

The Display Function Buttons


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