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          Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Elite

Product :

Keyboard and Mouse Pack

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Wayne Brooker

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Date :

October 10th, 2003.


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Hands up if you've ever taken a cheap shot at Microsoft. Yes okay, my hand's up too, it's just they're such a big target they're easy to hit. We could probably spend the next 12 months arguing about the merits of their operating systems and still be no nearer deciding if we love it or hate it but when it comes to their range of hardware I've got to come clean and admit it's probably some of the very best around.

Like most of you, when I first heard that Microsoft were set to market their own peripherals for the PC I was skeptical. I was fairly convinced that what we were about to see was a range of reasonable quality but vastly overpriced items that could be bought better and cheaper from other manufacturers. I suppose the fact that I have a Microsoft mouse and joystick on my personal system and have three of their keyboards, two mice and two joysticks up in the lab proves I was wrong.

I know it would be big and clever of me to talk about my refusal to buy Microsoft because I object to fueling the Bill Gates "empire", and to cleanse my soul by denouncing them as the anti-Christ, an embodiment of all that's wrong in the world, but I'm not going to. My wallet is a fussy little device that's not the easiest of things to break into and it responds to only one trigger....value! and that's what Microsoft have been bringing to the peripherals market since they started.

Today I want to look at one of the new range of products introduced by Microsoft at the beginning of October, the Wireless Optical Desktop Elite. Combining a very slick wireless keyboard and a revamped and improved version of the popular Intellimouse Explorer this could very well be what your desktop has been waiting for.

Let's get to it!




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