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Creative MuVo V200 Portable Audio Player

Portable Audio Player
31st January 2005
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With the birth of flash drive and electronic components becoming smaller, portable audio players have been popping up left and right.

Each one seems better than the next because each one is trying to outdo the next when it comes to features, size or both. Each one has their own unique abilities.

Creative's offering in this sector is the popular MuVo series media player.

These small portable audio players are rich in features and design.

If you look on the American Creative site, you wonĺt find these players easily because they have the extension Nomad added to the name.á In Europe the name Nomad was already taken; so, they dropped it as an extension and stuck with just MuVo.

Creative has been kind enough to provide me with the MuVo V200 in a 128MB flavour variety.

Letĺs have a look at it.


      Built-in FM radio and recorder.

      Built-in MP3/WMA audio player.

      Built-in microphone for voice recording.

      USB 2.0 connector.

      Audio that doesnĺt skip.

      Simple drag-and-drop for music and data files.

      5-band custom equalizer and 4 presets. (Jazz, Rock, Pop and Classical)

      Displays ID3 tags for song title.

      Reversible LCD for left or right handed operation.

      Connects as a flash drive to store data files - without cables.

      Weight: 33g without battery.

      Up to 15hrs of MP3 continuous playback on 1 x AAA battery.

      Signal-to-Noise Ratio: up to 90dB.

      Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz

      Harmonic Distortion Output: <0.1%

      Available in 4 different sizes: 128 MB, 256 MB, 512MB and 1 GB. (this is the 128 MB model)

System requirements:::ů

Here are the system requirements needed for the MuVo.á Because the MuVo acts like a flash drive, the system requirements are not extraordinary.

      Microsoft« Windows« 98SE/2000/Me/XP

      Intel« Pentium« II 350MHz AMD« K6«-2 450MHz or better processor (Pentium III 450MHz or higher recommended for MP3 encoding)

Since the MuVo is recognized as a mass storage device, Windows 98 SE shouldn't need a driver to enable viewing of the MuVo.

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