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Nanotherm Silver XTC Thermal Grease
Author : Wayne Date : 14th November 2002
...Product Nanotherm Silver
...Manufacturer ESG Associates

ESG Associates

...Price $7.95 (per 4.0 grams)




Introduction :

When we first took a look at a Nanotherm product it was their Ice and Blue compounds that very much rewrote the rules for thermal greases. Instead of high concentrations of heat conductive metals ESG developed a brand new formula devised from special ceramic compounds in an optimised carrier. Not only did this new compound offer performance on a par with Arctic Silver it was the easiest TIM around to clean up, leaving virtually no trace even when wiped with a dry cloth or paper towel. ESG then went on to optimise their formulation even further with the introduction of IceII and BlueII which in our experience went beyond the original formulations both in terms of cooling and in terms of ease of application. The original formulation was, if anything, a little on the viscous side to apply evenly but the new formulations are much easier to work with.

We knew that ESG were beavering away behind the scenes working on several "top secret" projects that they hoped would make a major impact on the cooling scene and although the subject of today's review is perhaps the least radical of all of those efforts it's still being billed as a premium quality thermal grease that should have what it takes to go beyond anything currently available. This is what ESG are calling, perhaps understandably, Nanother Silver! Actually to be more precise it's called Nanother Silver XTC where the XTC denotes "eXtreme Thermal Compound"

Along with the Nanotherm Silver we'll be testing out a slightly more unusual compound that for now we'll be referring to as Nanotherm EXP (Experimental). Due to the unusual nature of this compound and its early developmental stage I can't make a lot of detailed descriptions about its properties but I will detail its cooling performance alongside the Nanother Silver XTC (referred to as Nanotherm Silver from here on in), IceII and BlueII

As always let's start out with some specs for ESG's Nanotherm Silver :

- Contains a highly optimized combination of sub-micron to low micron sized Silver particles
- Silver particles are 99.98% pure and are custom milled to our specifications
- Compound has a high density of silver particles; 80 to 83% silver by weight
- Also contains a special blend of Boron Nitride and "Nano" powders used in our Nanotherm II compounds
- Suspension fluid is a high temperature synthetic designed for operating temperatures in excess of 500'F
- Compound is non-electrically conductive, based on our preliminary testing
- Retail product will be packaged in clear, graduated 3 ml syringes
- Net weight of thermal compound will be 4.0 grams per syringe
- Suggested retail price will be $7.95 per syringe

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