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Need For Speed Underground 2

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6th December 2004
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EA Games has released the second part of the 2003 bestseller Need for Speed Underground. This is a racing game where you not only have to win, but also have to look good to advance.

It’s been released on most of the bigger gaming consoles (XBOX, PS2 and GC) and the PC.

I took a look to see if this part offered any improvements over the first Need for Speed Underground. So… strap on your seatbelts, sit back and enjoy the ride!


In Need for Speed Underground 2, or NFSU2, you cruise in an enormous city called Bayview which ia divided in 5 neighborhoods.

The city covers about 200 kilometers or about 133 miles of asphalt in which you, as a racer, can roam freely in order to find the action.

While you roam you meet other racers, there are shops where you can buy upgrades and you will take part in races from which you can earn money.

All this in turn will lead to your reputation growing and to more upgrades and races becoming available, eventually making you the top dog of the illegal racing circuit.

But not just yet… first you have to earn your spurs and learn the tricks of the trade.


You can now fine tune the handling and performance of more than 20 aspects of your own car thanks to the new, more extended tuning system that NFSU2 uses.

That’s not the only thing you can change about your car, the game features over a hundred visual adjustments or upgrades to make your ride just that bit more unique.

Install upgrades like spinner rims, suicide doors, split hoods, hydraulics and more. The possible combinations are endless. I know some of our forum users might actually love this game for that aspect alone, but I won’t name names. ;-)

Aside from the drag, sprint, circuit and drift races featured in the first part, this release has new races as well. The new races are StreetX, Outrun, Downhill drift and the Underground Racing League, or URL for short.


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