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Need For Speed Underground 2

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6th December 2004
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The game can use all the main different kind of controllers.

The ideal choice would perhaps be a steering wheel controller, but I didnít have one to try it out. For this kind of racing game each person has a different preference, Iím used to playing with the keyboard and it played quite nicely.

The story starts off with Rachel telling you what you need to know to get out there and work your way to the very top of the racing circuit. She will guide you along the way through the rest of the game, giving you the heads up on the where and how.

The way the story is told is through the use of comic book style pictures or short animations. Rachelís voice over done by Brooke Burke and Rachel is also modeled as Brooke.

The races are good and depending on your car sometimes very challenging.

Standard racing types we know from part 1 are the drift, sprint, drag and circuit races., but as I mentioned now have the addition of outrun, streetX, URL and downhill drift races.

Drift races is where the object is to score big points by making the best drifts or continuous drifts on a circuit, doing several laps.

Downhill drift races are much harder and take place on the street with traffic, moving downhill from the start line to the finish line.

Sprint races are simply sprinting from one point to another.

Drag races are dragging along a long narrow strip of asphalt on or off the circuit. You have to change gears manually and at the right time to win.

Circuit races are like the name says, races on the circuit laid out on the city map, URL races are circuit races on a real circuit.

StreetX races are a little bit different to all of the above, you donít have to drift and you donít get to use nitro, even if you have it.

These races are won by keeping the rest of the pack behind you, using any means necessary to get and stay ahead.

The free roaming ability is a new feature and really useful in getting to know the car you chose to buy. Also, it allows you to choose which race you want to do first and it allows you to practice racing certain parts of the track. This adds to the variety of the game and makes it much more fun.

Along the way youíll see other racers in the city, who you in turn can challenge to a race.

Some of them will even inform you, as you advance in the game, where the unmarked races are.

You can also find different short cuts through alleys or back-roads, which you can even use in some races.

A nice feature I like is the messaging system. You will get important messages throughout the game about races, new parts, upgrades, locations of shops and new cars that are available, all of that with the aid of a short text message (using SMS) or a phone call.

The text messages you receive are stored in a mailbox and sorted appropriately, so you can also check back with the messages, in case you need to find that one last car specialties shop.

Some of the messages are colour coded. Purple usually indicates an upgrade has unlocked and has become available in a shop. Green messages are usually general information.

Youíll see a message icon pop in the upper left hand corner, when you receive a new message.

Finding your way in the city can be hard sometimes, but you can use the map and GPS satellite system to find what you are looking for.

The map shows the shops you have found and the locations of some of the races or some of your competitors.

You can click each item on the map to enable the GPS system and an arrow will guide you along the way to the item.

Each shop or race has its own color, this way you can easily sort your shops and races and decided what you want to do first. Winning races will increase your reputation and cash flow.

These will unlock parts, upgrades and cars throughout the game and you buy those at specific shops.

For performance tuning and upgrades you spend most time in the performance shops. The rest of the shops are primarily for the visual upgrades.

Like I mentioned earlier, the shops have their own color on the map, but also on the street. Each shop has its own colored light shining on the street. Thatís a good visual clue where to find them when you are driving around, because the shops are not shown on the map by default, you have to find them first then they get marked on the map afterwards.

Shops are also a good point to save your progress, after you buy an upgrade you can choose to save the game if itís not done automatically already with auto-save enabled.

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