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Jetart NP6900 Folding Notebook Cooler

Notebook Cooler
23rd August 2005
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A Closer Look :::...

Jetart are definitely getting better with the design of their packaging. Although the look is very slick I should imagine they're not great to stack for shipping. The package also doesn't offer a whole lot of protection against knocks.

All the headline functions are listed on the front.

NP6900 Packaging - Front


The rear goes into greater detail about what your money buys you, what's supported and what's not.

NP6900 Packaging - Rear


And inside that rectangular bump in the rear of the packaging you'll find a mains power transformer, a USB power cable, a USB data cable and a driver CD. The adapter was about as much use as a coal powered frog-violin in the UK without a travel adaptor and I assume the retail product will feature a regular 3-pin plug if/when it reaches these shores.

NP6900 Bundled Items

The mains power cable is the sensible choice when you have an outlet available because it will obviously increase battery life. The USB power cable is best reserved for use on the train or in similar situations where a mains feed isn't available.


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