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Novatron iamm NTD-35 Multimedia Player

Multimedia Player
3rd November 2005
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A Closer Look:::...

The box is similar in design to that used for the NTD-25 only larger. Makes sense I suppose.

The drive sits suspended in a pair of polystyrene cradles with the extra bits and bobs sat on top in a cardboard box,

The Box

I'm not sure why but the NTD-35 doesn't come with the component video lead as found in the NTD-25 kit which means you'll need to track one down for yourself. Also disappointingly there's no S-Video cable, a minus as S-Video output is supported by the NTD-35.

Bundled Items


The remote control is nicely laid out and clearly labeled. This allows navigation through the on-screen menu system used only when connected to a TV or to the video-in on a PC. It has no control over functions when the unit is connected via the USB cable and is being used for file access and storage only.


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