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OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Platinum Revision 2

Dual Channel Memory
6th October
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£152. + VAT (per 2x512MB Kit)


I can't believe I was actually whining a couple of months ago over the demise of low latency memory. I don't mind overclocking for christenings, weddings, reviews and special occasions but when I'm alone with my machine I tend to run at stock speeds just out of a combination of laziness and the desire for maximum peace, quiet and uptime.

Memory that runs at 500MHz plus is of no value to me 98% of the time, I want stuff I can plug in and fire up in the knowledge that what it lacks in frequency it's compensating for in efficiency. If I can crank it up until it squeeks when I need to then that's just a rather nice bonus.

With most of the recent low latency memory modules on the market relying on Winbond's BH5 chips for their talents, the demise of these chips left a gaping hole in the market that took a little while to fill.

Today I want to look at a pair of modules from a company that seems to be gaining in stature on an almost daily basis. OCZ have recently been the name behind some extremely innovative and attractive product releases, like their unique DDR Power Booster or the new line of extremely high quality power supplies.

Today though our focus is on memory, the product that OCZ pretty cut their teeth on when they were formed back in August 2000. With a claimed 2-5-2-2 ability at 200MHz and built around Samsung's increasingly prestigious *-TCCD memory chips, OCZ are making some bold claims that I hope to test out.

TCCD translates to (T : TSOP2) (C : Commercial, Normal 0. ~ 70 Celsius) (CD: 4ns <500MHz> CL3), so clearly this memory should be good to at least 500MHz at CAS3. The fact that it can also do 400MHz 2-5-2-2 is probably partly to do with PCB design and partly down to the chips themselves.

Before we move on here's what OCZ are saying about it:

OCZ Platinum Edition Revision 2 PC-3200 memory has been designed for ultra-low latency operation on Intel Pentium 4 and AMD AthlonXP/Athlon 64 platforms. OCZ Platinum Edition PC-3200 memory is able to reach latencies as low as CL 2-2-2-5.

OCZ PC-3200 products are 100% hand-tested to ensure compliance with stringent quality standards. In addition, each OCZ Platinum Edition Revision 2 module also comes with a high quality copper heat spreader with a platinum mirrored finish.

OCZ Platinum Edition memory modules are rated to handle up to 2.9V without invalidating the OCZ Lifetime Warranty so that performance enthusiasts can tweak their systems without worry.


CL 2-2-2-5
Available in 512MB and a 1GB (2x512MB) Dual Channel Optimized Kit
Mirrored Platinum Copper Heatspreader
Lifetime Warranty
2.75 Volts
184 Pin DIMM

Part Numbers

512MB Module PN - OCZ400512ELPER2
1GB Dual Channel Kit PN - OCZ4001024ELDCPER2-K

It's the 1GB kit I have on test today so let's see what the modules actually look like.


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