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OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Gold

Dual Channel Memory
27th July 2005
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£126.31 inc VAT (per 2x512MB Kit)
Jason Zarate


Without question system memory plays a vital role in not just the plain old function of a PC, but how that PC performs. You could stuff any type of ram into your system, and get along just fine.  Having said that, the difference between types of memory, while seemingly small, can have vast effects on how your system performs

The discerning user wants solid performing RAM that not only does its job, but does it well, and does it fast. We are talking about good speeds, and low timings, high voltages, stability, and perhaps something with a trick looking heat spreader to boot. A company named OCZ, in the Ram business since 2000 and making huge gains in the hardware market stature department, seeks to bring all that to you, with one of their many offerings, the OCZ EL Gold DDR PC3200 1GB Dual Channel Kit, and perhaps more. This is what we are going to examine today.


  • 400MHz DDR1 
  • CL 2-2-2-5 at 2.8V (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS)    
  • Available in 1GB (2x512) Dual Channel Optimized Kit  
  • Unbuffered 
  • Gold Mirrored Copper Heatspreaders 
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • 2.8 Volts
  • 184 Pin DIMM   
  • 1GB (2x512) D/C Kit - OCZ4001024ELDCGE-K 

Special Features:

EVP - EVP stands for (E)xtended (V)oltage (P)rotection. This is a novel OCZ voltage protection feature that allows modules to handle higher voltages. OCZ EVP® protected modules can tolerate VDIMM voltages up to 3.0V ± 5%. All EVP® protected modules are covered under OCZ’s Lifetime Warranty if overvolted within EVP® tolerances.

ULN2 - ULN2 stands for (U)ltra (L)ow (N)oise. This is a technology that uses various printed circuit board (PCB) techniques to reduce the amount of electrical noise that is present in all high-speed ICs. This results in faster and more stable memory.


After reading all that, a few things stick out. "2-2-2-5" being one of them. These low timings are just what the doctor ordered. Another thing that grabs me is the Lifetime Warranty, that allows for some higher voltages to be applied to these modules, without voiding it.


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