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OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Gold

Dual Channel Memory
27th July 2005
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£126.31 inc VAT (per 2x512MB Kit)
Jason Zarate

First things first, lets have a look at the goods.


The Packaging

As you can see above, packaging for this RAM is a standard clamshell with insert affair. Inside sits the two modules and the insert bearing word of what this product is.

The Modules

This particular set of ram modules sports gold plated copper heat spreaders, adorned with chromed retaining clips, a very cool looking OCZ emblem (which is not a sticker, I might add), and a sticker denoting its particulars. Now, I am not a big fan of gold except for jewelry, but I have to admit, these modules look great. Underneath those lovely heatspreaders, nestled on the PCB of these modules, are the venerable Winbond BH-5 chips. 

OCZ PC-3200 Gold Edition is the latest addition to the extreme-speed Gold Series family. As part of the award winning OCZ Gold series, PC-3200 Gold is built with leading edge technology designed to provide users with unwavering performance features capable of excelling in even the most demanding computing environments. At DDR400, these modules turn out heart-pounding 2-2-2 timings with flawless performance and stability.


OCZ PC-3200 products are 100% hand-tested to ensure compliance with stringent quality standards. Furthermore, every dual channel kit from OCZ is hand tested as a matched pair across a wide variety of motherboards to ensure seamless performance on most motherboards.

In addition, each member of the OCZ Gold PC-3200 family is encased in a gold layered copper heatspreader for efficient heat dissipation and is backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty, toll-free technical support and the exclusive EVP® (Extended Voltage Protection) coverage.

With its ultra-fast performance, high quality and reliability, the OCZ PC-3200 Gold edition is a perfect memory upgrade for memory-hungry gaming rigs.


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