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OCZ ModStream 520 Power Supply

520watt Power Supply
30th June 2005
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When it comes to shopping for a new Power Supply these days. It almost seems as though your sifting through an entire beach of sand for that perfect grain. There are so many available on the market, that it makes a tough task. In this day and age, you don't want just any Power Supply either. You may want one for that hot Lan gaming system your plan on toting around, you may want one for that slickly modded case you have, or you may just want one just for horsepower's sake. Whatever it is you want one for, it's next to impossible these days, in my opinion anyway, to choose the perfect one, as they are so many. In this review, I hope to clarify the field of contenders somewhat, with a good look at OCZ Technology's 520 - 12U Modstream 520 Watt Unit.

First things first, Lets run down the features and specs as posted on OCZ's site:


OCZ PowerWhisper Technology with 120mm fan       
OCZ PowerShield PCI-Express lead       
OCZ EZMod advanced cable management system       
Supports ATX/BTX/PCI Express/SATA       
Active PFC**       
3 Year warranty backed by OCZ’s exclusive PowerSwap replacement program. No more endless return-for-repair loops!

Technical Specifications       
160x150x86 mm       
95~132Vac / 190~264Vac 10/6a       
200~240Vac Only**       
450W: +3.3V(28A), +5V(45A), +12V(26A)       
520W: +3.3V(28A), +5V(52A), +12V(28A)       
Over-voltage/Short-Circuit protection

Part Numbers
OCZ45012U – 450W

OCZ52012U – 520W

OCZ45012U EU – 450W

OCZ52012U EU – 520W       


The OCZ ModStream power supply family is the quietest, sleekest, most versatile PSU available today! The ModStream comes in 450W/520W configurations with 550W/620W peak loads; they are the ideal solution for PC-users desiring a high-quality mix of power and versatility in their system.

Every ModStream is equipped with OCZ EZMod technology. This advanced cable management system allows you to truly customize you power system to utilize only the UV cables you require, resulting in optimal airflow and the coolest possible environment within your case! All EZMod cables glow brightly when illuminated with UV lighting accessories.

OCZ knows that high performance doesn’t have to come with annoying fan noise! Each ModStream is built with PowerWhisper technology to significantly reduce noise levels to virtual silence, making this the quietest power supply on the market. Experience leading edge reliability and performance with increased air flow, courtesy of a whisper quiet, yet extremely vigorous 120mm fan complete with attractive blue LEDs.

The OCZ Modstream features PowerShield EMI control technology with copper shielded power leads to provide the added benefit of extreme current stabilization and delivery of the cleanest possible output to all your critical system components.

OCZ offers an exclusive 3 year PowerSwap warranty program and industry leading technical support, providing unparalleled peace of mind!

Download the OCZ ModStream Product Sheet in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format here

**International Version Only


It was tempting to assume that the Modstream 520 shared the innards of the PowerStream 520 but looking at the specs they are quite clearly different in their outputs.

Output Comparisons







+5V SB

Antec True480

Max. Load







Tagan TG480-U01
Max. Load 48A 0.8A 28A 1.0A 28A 2.5A
Max. Load
Max. Load 52A 0.8A 28A 1.0A 28A 2.5A

As you can see above, and from the pictures to come, this PSU is no slouch in the features department. It is a Modular Power Supply, meaning you can add or remove cable sections as needed. Always a big bonus for the Modder or those with tight confines.

OCZ named the modular aspect of this PSU the "EZMod cable management system". What isn't listed above, but is listed on the box, is a 620 Watt Peak load, Copper shielded leads, UV cables, and blue LEDs in the fan. Also, just for mentioning sake, there is also a 450 Watt version of the Modstream.


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