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OCZ ModStream 520 Power Supply

520watt Power Supply
30th June 2005
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Box Contents

As you can see above, the packing quality on the outside is equally mirrored on the inside.


Box Contents


You can also see my cat, inventorying the goodies.

Box Contents + Cat

What you get are 2 X Cables with 2 4 pin Molex Connectors. 1 X Cable with 4 pin Molex and 1 Floppy mini Molex connector, 1 X Cable with 1 4 Pin Molex Connector, 1 X Cable with 6 Pin PCI-E Connector, and 1 X Cable with 2 SATA Connectors. All packaged neatly into a box that resides on the top of everything else.

Below that, you will find the very nicely printed Instruction Manual, the Power Supply unit itself, neatly wrapped in a fitted bubble wrapping, and a pack containing the Shielded Power Cord for the unit, 5 colored cable wraps, 6 small white cable ties, and 5 mounting screws. Lastly, on the bottom, you will find a 1/2 thick piece of packing foam. All very neatly packaged.

I want to take a moment to remark on the cables themselves. I am a Modder, so I love sleeved modded cables. My first impression, after giving the cables some scrutiny, is these are very nicely done cables. Show quality. These cables are slightly stiffer then most, due to the shielding and thick clear coating, They didn't skimp on the shrink wrap either, you can tell they made an effort to cover up as much of the wire as possible with it, plus to keep EMI under control.

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