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OCZ PowerStream 520 Power Supply

520watt Power Supply
19th October 2004
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When NVIDIA first announced their GeForce 6800 specs back in April, earthquake monitoring stations worldwide apparently simultaneously reported a strange low frequency tremor which was later attributed to two things, PC users trembling in fear and the collective pricking up of several hundred thousand pairs of ears belonging to hardware manufacturers looking for a new line of revenue.

Though now reduced to a more reasonable 350watts, NVIDIA's initial requirements for a 480watt power supply had companies the world over scrambling to add suitably muscled units to their product range and cash in on what they thought would be a mass upgrade frenzy to get in step.

Of course it didn't happen, but that's not to say it never will, and if you're on the verge of replacing your power supply you'd certainly be well advised to be looking for something larger rather than smaller. I mean, you're PC will be quite happy running your power supply at 50% of its potential output, but you try running at 150% of its potential output and you'll soon realise your mistake.

Today I want to look at a power supply from a company more readily known for their high performance, high value memory. OCZ, despite a checkered past, have moved on with a new management team, work ethos and, I believe, ownership, and are now recognised as a top brand for both enthusiasts and quality-conscious users alike, and their new line of power supplies seems to be causing quite a stir with their looks, innovation and quality.

The unit I have on the bench today packs over half a kilowatt of power into its sleek enclosure, but there's power and there's clean, efficient power.


OCZ PowerWhisper™ Technology       
OCZ PowerFlex™ individually adjustable power rails with LED indicators.       
OCZ ConnectAll™ universal connector. (ATX, BTX, SATA, P4 and EPS12V)       
OCZ PowerShield™ power leads.       
5 year warranty backed by OCZ’s exclusive PowerSwap™ replacement program.* No more endless return-for-repair loops!

Technical specifications       
175x150x86 mm       
23 dBA @ 60% load       
100-120Vac / 200-240Vac 10/6a       
Overvoltage/Short-Circuit protection       
Independent adjustable 3.3V/+5V/+12V rails.

Part Numbers       
OCZ420ADJ - 420W       
OCZ470ADJ - 470W       
OCZ520ADJ - 520W       
The OCZ PowerStream power supply family offers the quietest, most versatile and adaptable PSU available today. The PowerStream PSU family comes in 420W, 470W and 520W configurations; they are the ideal solution to your computer power needs.

With its universal ConnectAll™ connector, the PowerStream power supply offers all-in-one connectivity. (ATX, BTX, Serial ATA, P4 and EPS12V) Every OCZ power supply offers PowerShield™ power leads with enhanced EMI-control technology to reduce RF interference, stabilize input current and filter out “ripple noise”.

Each OCZ PowerStream family member includes the PowerFlex™ feature for fine-tuning the three adjustable power rails. An LED sits below each of the three adjustment dials; a green light indicates voltage is within ±5% of optimal, a yellow light indicates undervoltage, and red indicates overvoltage.

The OCZ PowerStream PSU box has an eye-catching nickel-plated chrome finish and boasts green exhaust fan LED’s and colorfully wrapped wires.

Download the OCZ PowerStream Specification Table in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format here.

Download the OCZ PowerStream Product Sheet in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format here

*3 year warranty supported by OCZ Technology’s exclusive PowerSwap™ program; additional 2-year limited warranty.


Output Specs


Output Comparisons






+5V SB

Antec True480

Max. Load







Tagan TG480-U01
Max. Load 48A 0.8A 28A 1.0A 28A 2.5A
Max. Load


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