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Creative GigaWorks ProGamer G500 5.1 Speakers

5.1 Speaker System
25th October 2005
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€299,- / $249.99


After a successful launch in America, Creative now launches the GigaWorks ProGamer G500 speaker set in Europe.

The set is touted to be the perfect partner for the new Soundblaster X-Fi series, to get the maximum out of the sound capabilities of this 51million transistor card.

With it 310 Watts RMS blasting over the 5.1 combination, this is the right set for a serious gamer.

It has a genuine THX certification and that means you can get the maximum out of your movies as well, not that we at 3DVelocity can find a detailed description of exactly what's needed to get domestic THX certification.

Creative allowed us the honour of being the lucky ones to run this European premier.

About Creative

Creative was founded in Singapore in 1981 and with their invention of the SoundBlaster cards in 1989; they put their mark on the entertainment industry.

Today, Creative is widely recognized as a global leader for product innovation in the audio and Personal Digital Entertainment segments.

The headquarters are based in Singapore and in 1988 the US office in Milpitas, California was opened.

In 1993 the European offices were setup.
Some of Creative’s popular products include the SoundBlaster range and more recently their MP3 players such as the Zen Micro and MuVo players.



These are the features the speaker set has and it looks quite impressive.

  • Power: 310 watts total RMS power
  • Front : 36 watts RMS per speaker
    (Measured @ 8 ohms @ 10% THD @ 180Hz to 20kHz, two channels driven)
  • Rear : 36 watts RMS per speaker
    (Measured @ 8 ohms @ 10% THD @ 180Hz to 20kHz, two channels driven)
  • Center : 36 watts RMS
    (Measured @ 8 ohms @ 10% THD @ 180Hz to 20kHz, one channel driven)
  • Subwoofer : 130 watts RMS
    (Measured @ 6 ohms @ 10% THD @ 35Hz to 180Hz, one channel driven)
    620 watts total Peak Power
  • Overall Frequency Response: 35Hz to 20kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): 85dB
  • THX certified

Minimum System Requirements:

  • PC or Mac (desktop or notebook) with stereo, four-channel or 5.1 audio outputs
  • Video game system (Xbox®, PlayStation® 2, or GameCube®) with stereo audio outputs
  • MP3 or music player

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