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           Samsung SyncMaster 172X LCD Review

Product :

  SyncMaster 172X

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Reviewed by :

  Aaron Stelpstra

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Date :

  March 17th 2004


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Thanks to Samsung and Eileen Lu for providing this sample  

LCD's are incredibly popular in the marketplace today. They are sleek, elegant and perfect for that cramped office. They can be hung on walls, modded into computer cases and are a staple of the laptop and PDA market. Unfortunately their versatility has long been plagued by poor response rates that aggravated the eyes and made using them a chore. The after-image or ghost image made gaming or watching videos impossible on older models but since then we have come a long way. 25Ms models still show a distinct ghost image during games but regular computer use is largely unaffected. 16Ms LCD's are fairly common today but in the case of the Samsung 172X, they are pushing the envelope with an impressive 12ms response rate.

Samsung is one of the leaders in consumer electronics today and are well known in the LCD industry. I personally have used many of their products from graphics card memory to system memory and optical drives. The question now is, can this LCD live up to it's specifications.

Viewable Area: 17"
Pixel Pitch: 0.294mm
Brightness: 270cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 500:1
Viewing Angle: 160"/140"
Response Time: 12ms
Interface: Analog/Digital
Horizontal Frequency: 30-80kHz
Vertical Frequency: 56-75Hz
Bandwidth: 135mhz
Maximum Resolution: 1280x1024
Supported Colours : 16.2 million




My review sample came very well packed in a mass of styrofoam protection (seems that most companies have learned how to package properly). After slicing open the package I was pleased to see that Samsung had provided me with everything I needed. It came with both a DVI cable and regular old VGA, the power adaptor, a mounting plate (for wall installation) and the required screws, a user manual, and a driver cd.

Front View
Rear View


The Stand


The 172X shows just as much class in looks as it does in specs. Samsung has wisely chosen not to waste any real estate on the front of the monitor by keeping the borders to a minimum. The OSD buttons and the power button have been stealthed into the underside of the screen so you get a clean stylish look. In fact they almost did too well of a job with this and I often found myself squinting at the buttons to try and find which one I wanted. It would have been preferable for them to paint in the letters that tell you what the button does.
The RGB, DVI and power connections are hidden behind the hinge to allow for easier cable management. The Dual Hinge design lets you mount the device on the wall and quickly convert it back to the desktop.

Another area that this monitor excels in is the solid feel of both the base and the screen itself. The plastic feels very solid to the touch and the heavy base makes it nearly impossible to knock the screen over accidentally.



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