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SF2100 3D Slot Fan

VGA Cooler
5th October 2004
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When it comes to cooling the individual components inside your PC it never hurts to improve your case ventilation. The problem is that air, like running water obeys certain laws of physics and try as you might there will always be dead spots where no air, or at best very little air circulates.

One of the biggest heat burdens inside most cases after the CPU is the graphics card. Not only does it add to the heat pollution in your case, it's also quite difficult to cool efficiently due to very often having the memory chips on one side bathed in a cooling breeze from the main fan while those on the other side are left to slowly cook themselves with pretty much no airflow to speak of. Rising air is blocked by the graphics card's PCB, the CPU fan is blasting air over to the opposite side of the case and the power supply is busy sucking out what made it that far by convection.

Water cooled cases are even worse. Sure the components targeted are nice and cool but the lack of CPU and maybe VGA fan means less truculence and less cooling air movement.

The problem with fans is that they ultimately equate to noise, but unless you're willing to water cool every component that suffers as a result of heat your choices are quite limited.

From getting things moving inside a cramped SFF PC to targeting individual expansion cards within a normal case, today's review candidate has something to offer.

First the specs:

An unique system ventilator. Well designed for disturbing the heat dissipated by the individual cooler (e.g. CPU cooler, VGA cooler...) and thereupon enhancing the exhaust of a stuffy environment.
  • 3 Direction adjustable fan bracket
  • Metal fan guard
  • Only one slot needed
  • Enhance M/B, HDD, VGA, CPU heat dissipation
  • Specifications
     Application  For M/B, HDD, VGA & CPU
     Cooler Dimensions

     194.6 x 134.0 x 16.7 mm

     Fan Dimensions

     70.0 x 70.0 x 15.0 mm x 3pcs

     Rated Voltage

     12V / Fan

     Rated Current

     0.32A / Fan

     Power Consumption

     3.84W / Fan

     Airflow  27.9 CFM / Fan
     Bearing Type  Sleeve Bearing
     Weight  413 gm

      Bracket ( 194.6 x 134.0 x 16.7 mm) : 1 pc
      Bracket ( 109.1 x 80.0 x 4.5 mm ) : 2 pcs
      DC Fan ( 70.0 x 70.0 x 15.0 mm ) : 3 pcs
      Metal Guard ( 70.0 x 70.0 x 5.0 mm ) : 3 pcs
      1 to 3 Pin Adapter ( Length :320 mm ) : 1 pc
      Cable Tie ( 80 mm ) : 2 pcs
      Screw ( 3 x 20.5 mm ) : 12 pcs
      Screw ( 3 x 4 mm ) : 6 pcs
      Screw ( 6 # x 6 mm ) : 1 pc


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