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SF2100 3D Slot Fan

VGA Cooler
5th October 2004
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What You Get:::...

Jetart have used a clear fronted semi-rigid style blister pack to sow the contents in all their glory. The effect is bright and cheerful without overstepping that line that moves it into tacky territory.


The back shows what you're buying and how it all works along with some fairly simple installation instructions.

Box - Rear


Keep your eye on the screws, there's a few of them and you'll be stuck without them. In the kit are twelve fan mounting screws, six fan bracket mounting screws and an expansion slot fixing screw. There's also an adapter to feed up to three fans from a single 4-pin Molex connector which also has a pass-thru connector so you don't tie it up completely

Two small cable ties help keep the wiring organised though if you're as fussy as I tend to be you won't get it tied up satisfactorily with two.

Fixings and Power Lead

The main fan bracket is large enough to take two of the supplied 70mm fans side by side. It's made in black painted steel and comes with a regular expansion slot bracket on one end to secure it as you would any other card. Unlike a regular expansion car though the main bracket doesn't slot into a PCI slot but instead has staggered tabs that sit either side of it for support.

Main Fan Mounting Bracket


The single fan brackets feature slotted mounting holes allowing for very fine tuning of the mounting position to suit the situation.

Fan Mounting Brackets


The supplied fans are 70mm LED illuminated units with a fairly low profile at just 15mm deep. This should help you lever the bracket in an adjacent slot up close to another card without it fouling.

Fan performance seems very good and noise levels are very well controlled considering they put out nearly 28CFM of air.

Illuminated Fan and Finger Guard



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