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SMC 7904WBRA Wireless ADSL Modem

Wireless ADSL modem
1st August 2005
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£70.44 / €119,95


External Features:::…

Here are some snapshots of the box.



Let’s see what you get included in the package.


The warranty card and the e-manual included on CD, let’s see what else.



These are the ADSL splitter, a network cable, 2 phone cables, phone connector and a phone socket.


Also included a quick setup guide covering the basics of how to quickly connect the modem.

Last but not least, the modem and its power adapter.



Here is the front view of the modem; the antennas are still turned down at this point.

This is the backside, with the two antennas swung up into position.


Here is a closer view of the connectors.



You can see the ADSL connector to the left, followed by the power connector, the recessed reset button, the on/off switch and the 4 LAN connectors.

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