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SilverStone ST46F 460Watt Power Supply

Computer Power Supply
22nd December 2004
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A Closer Look:::...

The box is pretty sparse but still manages to look extremely professional. They've possibly taken the minimal design approach a touch too far but it's easier on the eye than the over-the-top designs seen an so many products these days.

The Box


Open the box and first impressions are that this is a no-fuss, glitz-free unit that was designed more for working than posing. In a market filled with mirror finish cases, LED or chromed fan blades and wide open honeycombed case designs, the ST46 is so standard it's almost different.

The case finish is a kind of matt gray finish which is actually achieved through Zinc coating and is quite attractive. It's certainly easier to keep free of fingerprints than most of the current surface finishes.

Cooled by a single, thermally controlled 120mm fan baring the Silverstone logo over the hub, the ST46 should combine the best of both worlds, airflow and low noise.

The Power Supply - Top View


SeaSonic to name but one would be quick to point out how much more efficient a hexagonal punched grill design is than plain old circular holes. In practice I doubt it makes a huge difference but there will be a difference I feel sure.

No voltage selector means this is a full range, and hints at the active PFC design, though check on the voltage input if you're in any doubt as the rather basic specs don't bother to mention anything.

The Power Supply - Rear View


It's nothing much to look at but it's all very business like and not entirely unattractive. By the same rule it's not likely to get you shorting it out with uncontrollable floods of drool either, something some of you may decide you can live with if it performs well enough.

The Power Supply - Angled View



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