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          Thermaltake SubZero4G Review

Product :

  Thermaltake SubZero4G

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

  Bryan Andrews

Price :

  $145 CAD

Date :

  November 25, 2003


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When it comes to computers these days, nobody's satisfied with second place. The newest CPU, video card, and hard drive always top lurkers' wishlists, regardless of price or availability. Enthusiasts, it seems, must have bottomless pockets or they fall behind. Well, there are two things that can be done to avoid being left in the dust: become a consumer whore and upgrade your entire PC every month OR purchase midrange equipment and tweak it so it appears to be an expensive powersucking beast. The traditional method of slapping a big copper heatsink and jet engine to a CPU works well while flying jet flight simulators but a loud vaccuum in the background never added a classy touch to any pleasant Miles Davis or even Bee Gees material. Alternatives, such as water cooling, phase change cooling, and fullscale thermo-electric cooling, are costly, risky, and require a degree of comprehension and experience before so much as even considering. Thermaltake came up with the idea of simplifying the more extravagant methods of cooling with the SubZero4G and AquariusII cooling units, with enough power for a geek and simplicity for a newbie. At least they so claim...



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