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Sunbeam Chameleon Light Controller

PC Light Controller
2nd December 2004
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Picture the scene. You've spent all day lovingly installing your case window and lights. You've meticulously routed all the cables stealthily out of sight. You've obliterated the local DIY sto re's stock of cable ties and spiral wrap and you've polished away every last fingerprint to the point that even a crack forensics team wouldn't find anything.

You sit back and, with a smug grin, you fire up your machine. It looks spectacular, but somewhere deep in the back of your mind a little

voice whispers "you know, I think it might have looked better in blue"

Arrrrrghhhhhhhh! It's too damned late now!.........or is it?

Today I want to look at a nifty idea from those case modding officianados at Sunbeam. The Chameleon Light controller has an incredible hidden talent, and the clue is in the name.

First the specs:

Format Fits a 5.25" External Drive Bay
Feed 12Volt
Control Channels 3 variable (1 x red, 1 x green, 1 x blue)
Output Channels 4 Lamp Outputs
Master Power Switch


Supplied lamps 4x High Intensity LEDs
Lamp Mountings Swivel/Tilt Housing with Lens
Fixings Self Adhesive Shaped Velcro Fixings



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