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           Tagan TG480-U01 PSU

Product :

  Power Supply

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

 Wayne Brooker

Price :

 £60.99 + VAT

Date :

  20th February, 2004


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In The Box:::...

What is it about black that makes things seem so cool and menacing? The TG480-U01 box is slick in the extreme with a bright red "36 months guarantee" starburst that smacks you in the face from a good quarter mile away!

All the key technologies and featured connectors appear on the box which stays simple and uncluttered. It also weighs a ton too! I thought they'd put two in by mistake!


With the power supply out of its box a couple of things become apparent. The first is that the general build quality is very high, the second is that there's a whole lot of cable hanging off the back of this thing, and I mean a LOT!

Those rather colourful strips you can see on top are actually Velcro cable straps, five of them in different colours, a really nice inclusion.

Velcro Cable Strap





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