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            TDK LPCW-50 CD/DVD Printer

Product :

LPCW-50 Printer

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

Wayne Brooker

Price :

£63.16 in VAT

Date :

June 24th, 2003.


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You know, it's quite possible that part of the reason I took to the computer at such a relatively young age was to try and disguise my truly awful handwriting. I don't just mean a little untidy, I mean it looks like it was written by a three year old with his feet while riding a roller coaster. Okay, so that's a slight exaggeration but it is bad enough that when I need to make lists or label things by hand it almost always looks incredibly untidy and no matter how well meaning the intention it never really looks like any thought went into it.

CDs and DVDs are probably my biggest weakness. Not only are they plastered in indecipherable scribble, they also bare the numbers from many years of long obsolete filing systems that I started to use then forgot about. Some are fading from old age while others I can't read because their paper labels have long since dried out, curled up and fallen off. My CD collection runs to several hundred CDs now files in various places like wedged behind my desk and at the bottom of a drawer but what alarmed me was just how few of them I could identify the contents of by looking at what I'd written on the front. I clearly needed to get a little more disciplined in my labelling regime and I was kind of hoping the TDK LPCW-50 was to become my saviour.

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