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Toshiba MK1031GAS 100GB 2.5" Hard Disk

Hard Disk
10th March 2005
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If there are two things that have fueled the portable multimedia revolution more than anything else, it has to be the falling price and decreasing size of worthwhile amounts data storage and the constant evolution of the colour LCD screen. Oh sure we've witnessed the arrival of faster, cooler processors, cheap memory, faster, cheaper graphics chips and so on, but without somewhere to keep the data and somewhere to watch it you're pretty much scuppered.

You may think that magnetic storage has had its day, and with more and more devices using Flash memory as a means of storage that's an understandable conclusion to come to, but the fact remains that for data capacities over 1GB there's still nothing to compete with magnetic or optical storage for sheer economy.

Users of desktop PCs have had it relatively easy over the past couple of years. The 3.25" format has drive manufacturers to easily cram 500GB in, but for notebook users things have been slightly less capacious with most models selling with 30, 40 or, if you're lucky, 60GB drives installed.

Limited data storage hasn't always been an issue on notebooks however, I mean let's be honest, it wasn't that long ago that all you could reasonably expect get done on such a device was write the odd letter, create a few spread sheets and fire up a game of Solitaire to while away that dull train journey. Who needed more than 30GB for that little lot?

These days however, the notebook has seen massive leaps in processing and video power, they come with more memory and faster DVD burners, USB and multi-channel sound. The notebook can now be a platform for video editing, gaming, home theater, portable audio and video handling and much more. But all this means greater storage demands.

Today I want to review a 2.5" hard disk from Toshiba that, despite being just 9mm thick, has the enviable boast of being the first 2.5" 100GB drive on the market at its launch in April last year, and is built using an industry leading areal density of 80Gb per square inch!

Throw in a lower power consumption, 8MB buffer decent looking access times and this could be the perfect choice for the notebook power user.

As always let's glance over the specs:



  • 100GB capacity
  • 9.5mm High
  • 12ms Average Seek Time
  • ATA-6 Interface
  • 100MB/sec Transfer Rate
  • 8MB Buffer
  • 300,000 MTTF Hours
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Data Storage Physical:
Per drive, formatted* 100GB
Data Heads 4
Number of Disks 2
Logical Configuration:
Heads 16
Cylinders 16,383
User Sectors/Track at zone 0 63
Logical Blocks (LBA) 195,371,568
Data Transfer Rate:
Max transfer rate to host 100MB/sec
Seek Time:
Track-to-track 2ms
Average 12ms
Maximum 22ms
Nominal Power Requirements:
Logic +5V(5%)
Start 4.5watts
Seeking 2.2watts
Reading/Writing 2.0watts
Idle 0.5watts
Standby 0.18watts
Sleep 0.1watts
Rotational Speed 4,200rpm
Average Latency 7.14ms


Buffer 8MB
Physical & Environmental Specs
Height 0.37" (9.5mm)
Width 2.75" (70mm)
Depth 3.94" (100mm)
Weight: 3.46oz (98g)
Ambient Temperature:
Operating 41 - 131F (5 to 55C)
Non-Operating -4 - 140F (-20 to 60C)
Shipping -40 - 158F (-40 to 70C)
Vibration and Shock:
Operating Vibration 9.8 m/s2 (1.0G), 5 - 500 Hz
Operating Shock 325g
Non-Operating Shock 850g
Reliability Characteristics
Error Rates:
Non-recoverable 1 in 1013 bits
Seek 1 in 106 seeks
Preventive Maintenance None
MTTF (Power on hours) 300,000
Product Life 5 years or 20,000 power ON hours

specifications are subject to change

*Toshiba defines a megabyte (MB) as 1,000,000 bytes and a gigabyte (GB) as 1,000,000,000 bytes.



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