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Tt 360W Purepower PSU
Author : Shawn Sparks Date : 21st October 2002


...Product Silent Purepower Supply
...Manufacturer Thermaltake
...Supplier Theremaltake
...Price $48.00




3D Velocity would like to thank ThermalTake, especially Weller, for providing this sample for review

ThermalTake, known widely for their fantastic cooling solutions has been taking over many facets of the performance PC accessory industry. From RAM heat spreaders to temperature monitoring and controlling, they have been expanding their scope of products very rapidly. Most recently, ThermalTake has added Power Supply Units (PSUs) to their catalog.

Today I will be looking at their Silent Purepower Supply. The model in front of me is their
W0004R 360W ATX PSU.

The Purepower lineup ranges from 300W to 420W and have a variety of features like Power Factor Correction (PFC) which adjusts power to components such as lighting transformers and ballasts that are notorious for power leakage. PFC can self correct the voltage to these components, so other components won't feel the drain. Other features like P4 connectors and dual fans are also optional.

Here are the complete specs on the W0004R

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