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Tt 360W Purepower PSU
Author : Shawn Sparks Date : 21st October 2002
...Product Silent Purepower Supply
...Manufacturer Thermaltake
...Supplier Theremaltake
...Price $48.00




3D Velocity would like to thank ThermalTake, especially Weller, for providing this sample for review

Here she is in all of her 360W glory...

The unit comes in a teal and white striped box sporting their mascot "Tt boy" surfing.

Inside you'll find the unit wrapped in bubble wrap, a bag of screws and a power cable.

The unit is well made, the materials feel solid and all of the mounting holes are just right. Note the nice big rocker switch on the rear of the unit a fantastic feature that many quality PSU's lack.

The well ventilated rear panel will allow the single fan to effectively keep the unit cool.

There is enough connectors for your average system. In all, I counted the main ATX connector, the P4 extra connections, 6 x 4pin Molex and 2 x Floppy-style, just enough to run 2 HDs, 2 CD ROMs, and have two Molex connectors to use for fans and lights

Let's mount this sucker and see what it can run....

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